PASSIKEY provides entry capabilities that make it easier for users of the PASSIKEY app to access registered service applications.

Service applications are exposed to the Affiliate category of the PASSIKEY app upon entry, and more service exposure opportunities are provided through event banners within PASSIKEY.

Service Category Settings

Select ➊[Categories] to expose the service application in the PASSIKEY app to the list of partners in that category.

Service Platform Service Country Settings

PASSIKEY is a global authentication service. Registered services are exposed according to user's country-specific service accessibility.

If the web is registered among the platforms the application serves, it is exposed to all members of the PASSIKEY app. If you have registered only for iOS or Android, you will only be exposed to users in countries that have access to the service by setting up a separate country in store. The service will be available for download to that specific user pool only.

This is to make the service application easier for users of the PASSIKEY app to use when choosing an affiliate.

Here's how to set up your country by platform.

  1. On the service platform, choose ➊[Service Country] from Android and ios.
  2. On the Select Service Country screen, select ➋[Select button] of the list of countries you are providing service to.
  3. Press the ➌[Registration] button to complete the country setting.

Service entry completed

When you are done entering and setting up the PASSIKEY entry information, press the [Save] button to register for the PASSIKEY entry.

Because the PASSIKEY entry is directly exposed to the user through the PASSIKEY app, inspection is required whether the same service is provided as the Service Name, Logo Image, and the service entered at the time of entry, and whether the Login API is applied well.

Once inspection is complete, you can press the [Start Service] button to complete the entry you want to pass.

Please check the progress of the entry according to the service entry status table below and complete the pass-in entry.

PASSIKEY entry information registration is complete. Press the [Request Inspection] button to start the application inspection by the PASSIKEY Developer Center operator.
The PASSIKEY Developer Center operator will begin inspecting apps. It is not possible to change information in the application during inspection.
The operator of the PASSIKEY Developer Center has rejected entry in the app. You can click [View cause of rejection] and modify your entry information. When the modification is complete, you can request re-inspection by clicking the [Request Inspection] button again.
The PASSIKEY Developer Center operator has approved the entry of the app. Click [Start Service] to expose the service to the PASSIKEY app.
Service is being exposed to PASSIKEY app. It is not possible to change application information while the service is in store. If any information change is required during the service, please press the [Modify Entry] button.
You can modify application information. The service will not be exposed to the app until entry is approved after modification.