Preparation Guide

Since the PASSIKEY API operates on the basis of applications registered with the PASSIKEY Developer Center, the application must be registered at the PASSIKEY Developer Center and the Client ID and Secret Key issued before using the PASSIKEY API.

The Preparation Guide guides you through how to register applications and the development environment required to apply the PASSIKEY API to service applications.

Application registration

Procedure for registering applications at the PASSIKEY Developer Center is as follows.

  1. Select [Applications] > [Application Registration] from the menu in the PASSIKEY Developer Center.
  2. Type the name of the application you want to register in the ➊[Application Name]entry window.
  3. Click ➋[Register] to complete the application registration.
  4. Once the application registration is complete, you can find it in the My Applications list.

Once the application registration is completed, the Client ID and the Secret Key for each platform will be issued and the default information and login API will be available for adjustment.

Registered applications can be found on the [Applications] > [My Applications] or [Manage My Information] screen.

Click ➌[Application Name] in the My Applications list to view the registered information on the Application Overview screen and adjust PASSIKEY API settings.

Development environment

Use JavaScript, iOS, Android SDK, or REST API to apply PASSIKEY APIs to services.

Web environments use the JavaScript SDK or REST API to develop PASSIKEY API functionality. iOS apps use iOS SDK and Android apps use Android SDK.

The following environments are required for PASSIKEY API service applications based on the latest version of PASSIKEY SDK.

Android SDK 18 and over, JDK 8 and over
iOS 10.0 and over
Optimized for Chrome and Edge