Design guide

This is an image resource and guide that is provided to apply PASSIKEY login in app or web environment.

Follow the PASSIKEY login design guide to apply the optimal image.

PASSIKEY Login Button Guide

Font follows each service UI font, but PASSIKEY notation will only tolerate capitalized letters. Please apply it in accordance with the guide.

All used #E63C1E tolerates red color only.

Please follow the guide below when applying the buttons.

Login button

The login button consists of an icon and an inductive phrase, and the 'P' icon ratio cannot be changed.

Design specification

Use only the "PASSIKEY" icon. The login test follows each service UI font.

Button guidance statements can be changed regardless of Korean or English to the extent that they meet the purpose of 'Login as PASSIKEY'.

RGB Color allows only '#E63C1E'.