Log in with PASSIKEY

Introduction to the PASSIKEY Login OPEN API

PASSIKEY Login is a service that allows users to easily, quickly, and safely log in to different websites using a single PASSIKEY account, eliminating the need for separate IDs and passwords.

The core verification features of the PASSIKEY service can be further applied to joining alliance partners as a member, making payments, and using cash-back features.

Check various user information

Information needed for services, such as name, e-mail, address, etc., can be easily provided with the consent of the user.

Quick and easy development, and simple to use

The PASSIKEY Open API is provided in the form of an SDK for each part to allow the easy introduction of the verification features of PASSIKEY. In addition, statistical information such as the accumulated log-ins users can be checked using PASSIKEY.

Security and infrastructure

The PASSIKEY service is hosted by AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Data from the PASSIKEY service is saved safely in a separate facility (Amazon) that is physically separated and executed in an independent infrastructure.

Using the API