Developer Center Info


You must log in to the Developer Center using your PASSIKEY account to use the PASSIKEY Developer Center.

Download the PASSIKEY app and create a user account to use the Developer Center.

※ You must use the PASSIKEY app to join PASSIKEY service membership.

※ Accounts registered as developers in the Developer Center will become application admin accounts when you register an application.

Launch PASSIKEY Developer Center

Take a look at the following examples and register a PASSIKEY account as a developer in the Developer Center.

  • 1. Log in

  • 2. Launch the PASSIKEY app and scan the QR code or enter your verification code

  • 3. Agree to the Developer Center Terms of Use to complete your registration.

If you have completed registration of an account to use the PASSIKEY Developer Center, register an application for using PASSIKEY API.